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Key Services for the Manufacturer / Supplier:

    • Private Label Strategy

    • Private Label Program Management

    • Category Analytics and Insights

    • Product Development and Sourcing

    • Supplier Development and Management

  • Industry Reports & Market Research

  • Innovate your value proposition in the marketplace 

  • Customize International marketing plans into local plan for a local market

  • Protect, grow and defend your market share

  • Focus on key drivers that affect your value growth (smarter promotions, value-added activities, more display weeks and better display promotions)

Private Label is becoming increasingly important in many retailers’ assortment strategies, with the ability to drive margin and build brand awareness and equity. Experience with our clients has demonstrated how customer insights can be used to enhance retailers Private Label strategies to realise maximum benefit

Astute retailers are now using a deep understanding of their customers to focus their private label strategy to increase the opportunities and help combat their competition’s initiatives

We believe the following approach will increasingly be at the heart of successful Private Label product strategies, and should also be at the heart of an increasingly collaborative approach between retailers and manufacturers in meeting customers’ needs.

Globally sourced, private label products allow merchants to maximize margins while maintaining price points, ensuring a good return on investment. But sourcing product globally is complex. By focusing on visibility, intelligence and collaboration, retailers, brand owners and wholesalers who globally source private label products can ensure a successful return on investment.

Category analytics and management is a collaborative continuous process between manufacturers and retailers to manage a shopper need state which we refer to as a ‘category’. The purpose of this process is to optimize shopper satisfaction and fulfil the role chosen by the retailer for that category within the overall portfolio of categories in the retail format. The end state of the category management process is that combination of assortment, price, shelf presentation and promotion which optimizes the category role over time.

Our product development and sourcing programs help clients improve margins, grow their brands and increase profitability.


What we could do for you, The Retailer and Wholesaler in South Africa:


  • Global sourcing

  • Packaging coordination in Private Label

  • Knowledge and experience with Brand name organisations.

  • legal compliance and patent issues

  • Project Management

  • Budget and Cost Management

  • Brand Management

  • Industry Reports & Market research


Retail-Fmcg has extensive experience in the South African market with developing premium house brands and private label for our retailer customers.

Many of South Africa's leading supermarkets and homeware retailer groups trust us to help them source, import and distribute high quality products.

We have forged partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers in Europe.